The Society of Friends is founded in the belief that there is that of God in every person and that truth emerges as new voices are heard and incorporated in our understanding. We believe that the quality of the truths we know is enriched and deepened by welcoming people with diverse experiences of the world into our community.

We want to foster a community that addresses the challenge of valuing difference and making every individual feel welcome, supported, and safe: a community in which each person is asked to make the rigorous commitment to recognize the Light within every other, to hear that piece of truth each person brings to the continuing dialogue which is the foundation of our community. We want our daily interactions to demonstrate that maintaining respect and pursuing the hard work of understanding difference creates strength as we work to define and move toward common goals.

Our mission as an educational institution is to prepare our students to participate in an increasingly interdependent world and, by graduating an increasingly diverse group of students, to help build a more effective citizenry and representative leadership for the future. We seek to develop the skills and discipline necessary to communicate effectively and to learn from a rich variety of experiences and points of view. This work is central to valuing diversity, to the purpose of education and to the Quaker ideals of integrity, peace, equality and simplicity.

In a world in which people continue to suffer profound inequalities of opportunity, we dedicate ourselves to stretching what we have and are capable of: to working to become a community more representative of the city in which we live and to improving our ability to support a diverse student body. The gap between our ideals and the possible creates struggle to which we commit ourselves with energy and joy.
Adopted October 2005
“That which makes us unique also bonds us together….”

Friends Seminary Snapshots....

A revealing examination of the rise and fall of ancient West African empires through the lens of the old Mali epic tale, Sundiata, in the Upper School’s African Studies course.

A group of parents and the Lower School Diversity Coordinator talk about the various support systems in place for their children during the Fall Diversity Family Gathering.

A field trip to the International Center of Photography’s acclaimed exhibit, “Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self,” co-sponsored by the Office of Diversity and the Visual Arts Department.

Our newly-admitted 5th & 6th graders meeting with the Middle School Diversity Coordinator to share their feelings on being new to Friends, the middle school social scene and making connections with kids who come from different neighborhoods around the city.

A meeting of the 12th grade planning committee for the “Day of Concern,” an annual day-long event during which students and faculty participate in workshops and dialogue with speakers on such issues as societal gender expectations; affirmative action and college admissions, religion and terrorism, and the re-examination of women’s reproductive rights in the U.S.

Friends Seminary recognizes the benefits of creative interaction in a school community whose students, teachers, and administrators reflect and promote demographic and curricular diversity. A curriculum that embraces the themes of diversity enables us to understand better distinctions and affinities in individuals and groups with respect to gender, socio-economic class, race, religion, physical/ mental abilities, age, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. A diverse population and program should empower members of the Friends Seminary community to participate empathetically and effectively in the world while striving to achieve the shared values of equality and peace.


The Office of Diversity is comprised of faculty representatives from each school division.  Our team serves as a resource for faculty, students and families on diversity-related issues.  The Office also facilitates diversity-related programming throughout the School community. 
Director of Diversity
MS Diversity Coordinator

Leitzel Shoen
Dean of Co-Curricular Programs
US Diversity Coordinator
All School GSA Fishbowl
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Meetinghouse, Library
Contact: Kerry Kline
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DAIS Student Meeting
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location: Library
Contact: Cynthia Chalker