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Strategic Plan

The Making of the Plan

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) began its work this year by reviewing the charge from the Board of Trustees and reaffirming our commitment to the School’s mission. Members heard from Principal Bo Lauder about the last two strategic plans’ goals and achievements. Much has been accomplished during the span of these previous strategic plans and this year’s committee is energized and inspired to continue that legacy. 

— Matthew Annenberg '83 and Leitzel Schoen, Co-Clerks of the Strategic Planning Committee

Friends Seminary School Committee's Charge to the Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee shall discern what may be the key priorities for Friends Seminary for the next three to five years, keeping in mind our 228 year history as well as our aspirations for the future. Building on the legacy of our last Plan (Planning for the Future: Celebrating Friends Seminary’s 225th Year 2008-2012), the Committee shall consider the full scope of the School’s program and operations, including: the academic program; technology; our place in a global world; the financial aid program; space needs; our commitment to core values that distinguish us as a Quaker school; the relationship of the School to its faculty and staff including the Friends Seminary Teacher’s Association; athletics; arts; and resources to make these things possible and sustainable. And while it is not expected that recommendations pertaining to all aspects of the School will emerge, this is an opportunity, indeed, to ask timely questions, strategize, recommend priorities, and to dream.

Acting within the short timeframe of the 2013-2014 academic year, the Committee is asked to gather perspectives from a broad range of sources and constituencies and to consult often foundational documents, like our Mission Statement and Faith and Practice. The Committee is asked to make frequent reports to the Board of Trustees with a draft report and update due for the Board of Trustees’ working retreat on April 5th, 2014 with the expectation that the Board of Trustees will act upon and approve time-defined strategic initiatives of a new Strategic Plan no later than October, 2014.

With the leadership of Matthew Annenberg and Leitzel Schoen serving as co-clerks, the Strategic Planning Committee will be constituted of members of the Board of Trustees, parents, and faculty discerned for their breadth and depth of experience by the SC’s Nominations and Governance Committee. The Committee may constitute sub-committees to further the work. 

Friends Seminary Board of Trustees
October 16, 2013


Strategic Planning Committee

Matthew Annenberg '83 (A, P, SC) 
Leitzel Schoen (Admin)

Committee Members
Laura deMare (P)
Andy Doan (F, Q)
Cella Irvine (A, P, SC) 
Sandra Jelin Plouffe (A, P) 
Ariel Kitch (F)
Jamie Lieberman (F) 
Micah Morris (F)
Audrey Reynolds (Admin) 
Pankti Sevak (Admin)

Ex Officio
Elizabeth Enloe (SC, Q)
Bo Lauder (Admin)
Gloria Foti (S)

A - Alum
Admin - Administration 
F - Faculty
P – Parent
Q - Quaker
S - Staff
SC - School Committee

Important Calendar Dates

Oct. 8 - Board of Trustees Charge is created.

Oct. 29 - Strategic Planning Committee convenes.

Nov. 18 - Full Faculty/Staff Meeting- Charge and Portrait of a Graduate Exercise introduced.

Jan. 13-27 - Strategic Plan Survey is launched and the school community is invited to participate.

Feb. 12-14 - Focus Group discussions are scheduled.

February 28 - Survey aggregate data reviewed by Strategic Planning Committee.

April 7 - Strategic Planning Committee assesses survey data for emerging themes.

April 10 - Snow Day Focus Group Sessions Rescheduled

April 21 - Strategic Planning Committee assesses focus group data for emerging themes. Identifies categories for plan.

June 5 - Strategic Planning Committee creates an outline of plan and discusses category-specific ideas and identifes next steps for research in drafting strategies and objectives. 

October 2 - Strategic Planning Committee reconvenes and reviews outline of plan. Establishes category-specific working groups.

November 14Working Group representatives report to the Strategic Planning Committee with final drafts of assigned sections of plan.

November 19 - Strategic Planning Committee provides update to Board of Trustees.

November 24 - Strategic Planning Committee provides Update during an All Faculty and Staff Meting.

January 14 - Strategic Planning Committee presents final draft to Board of Trustees for approval.
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