"We prepare students to engage in the world that is and to help bring about a world that ought to be."
Tuition & Affordability

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

For 236 years, Friends Seminary has “prepared students to engage in the world that is and to help bring about a world that ought to be.” We enthusiastically invite all families who share this vision to join us. 

Inherent to our mission is the unshakeable belief that students do their best learning when they are immersed in an equitable, representative, safe and diverse community in the broadest sense. For over two centuries, Friends Seminary has prioritized access and affordability for all interested families regardless of income. Offering financial aid is critical to this mission. 

At Friends, we dedicate financial resources to make our program affordable. Financial aid is based solely on demonstrated need, and this year over 20% of the K-12 student body received over $5.5 million in financial support. We also work to find ways where ancillary aid can help students immerse themselves in the student life, believing that every student should feel tremendous pride of place in our School. (Please see Friends by the Numbers.) We know that each family’s story informs how we can best support their financial needs. We are eager to listen to, to partner with, and to advocate for families as they make a Friends education their reality. 

We are excited to share with you all that the School has to offer, and our office is a safe space to ask questions you may have about affordability. We look forward to welcoming you and working with you as you explore a truly transformative education at Friends Seminary.


Paige Sweet
Director of Financial Aid and Affordability
and Associate Director of Admissions
Friends Seminary — the oldest continuously operated, coeducational school in NYC — serves college-bound day students in Kindergarten-Grade 12.
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