"We prepare students to engage in the world that is and to help bring about a world that ought to be."
Watch live as chicks hatch in Linda Chu's Grade 3 classroom! Every spring (for the past 40 years), an incubator can be found in Linda Chu's classroom keeping either duck or chicken eggs warm. Throughout the incubation process, Linda and the students observe the development of the chicks by shining a flashlight on the eggs in the dark. They make observations several times throughout the process, charting the progress with drawings. On the 28th day, it could take several hours for each egg to hatch— sometimes up to 24 hours. Once the birds have hatched, they remain in the classroom for one week, after which they are relocated to a farm. Students care for the birds in the classroom, taking them home over the weekends. This annual bird hatching project is one of many long-standing traditions in the Lower School.
Friends Seminary — the oldest continuously operated, coeducational school in NYC — serves college-bound day students in Kindergarten-Grade 12.

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