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Tuition and Financial Aid

Questions and Answers

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Who qualifies for financial aid and who can apply?

    We consider every application for financial aid we receive that is completed with all necessary and required documents; if a family feels they have a need, they can apply and get full review and consideration from the committee. Please note the financial aid process is kept separate and confidential from the admissions application process. Families applying for financial aid must fill out the School and Student Services Parent Financial Statement (SSS PFS) application  and upload all recent tax returns.
  • What is the process of awarding financial aid?

    The financial aid application process is personalized and confidential. We take time and care to review every aspect of a file, considering items like family size, situation, circumstance and need and strive to meet the needs of those families who qualify for aid within our financial aid budget. Aid is based on financial need only and not on academic performance or merit. With a limited budget, Friends prioritizes applications received before the deadline in the following order: families who are Members of the New York Quarterly Meeting; families currently receiving aid; families not currently receiving financial aid, but who are experiencing financial emergencies; and finally, families of newly admitted students.
  • How do I find out what my financial aid award is?

    The financial aid decisions are shared in the enrollment and re-enrollment contracts and are accompanied by a letter to each family from the Director of Financial Aid.
  • Do I have to apply for financial aid every year and can I expect the same aid every year?

    All returning families must submit a new Parent Financial Statement (PFS) on time each year and all past school bills must be paid in full to be considered for a financial aid award. Unless a family’s financial circumstances changes considerably from one year to the next, Friends families can expect that aid will be provided each year at a rate in line with the award a student is granted at the point of admission, with relative adjustments made for tuition increases. However, if a family experiences significant financial changes, tuition awards will be adjusted accordingly.
  • What other costs exist?

    While financial aid is awarded towards the cost of tuition, we offer comprehensive ancillary aid for students on financial aid towards almost everything for which there is an additional cost, like school events, trips and activities with fees. Please see our Ancillary Aid page for more details.
  • What if I did not apply for financial aid and now I realize I need to?

    Before enrolling at Friends, we encourage families to carefully assess their capacity to afford the full educational experience. The School budgets for financial aid in advance and works to anticipate the needs of families using information from the previous year and projected data. If initially accepted without, or not currently on, financial aid, a family cannot expect to receive financial aid at Friends unless there is a major change in life or financial circumstances (unemployment, health issues, etc.). The school reserves modest emergency funds for families who encounter dramatic, unforeseeable financial crises over the course of their time at Friends. Modest aid may also be awarded to families whose income growth has not kept pace with that of tuition and other expenses.
  • What if I have more questions?

    Questions about Financial Aid, Benefits Beyond Tuition and General Support?
    Contact Sarah Demers at 646-979-5043 or sdemers@friendsseminary.org

    Questions about Payment Plan and Tuition Amounts Due?
    Contact Amber Tian at 646-979-5075 or atian@friendsseminary.org

    Questions about Navigating the Contract or Re-Enrollment?
    Contact Lorena Rengel at 646-979-5041 or lrengel@friendsseminary.org

    Questions about SSS?
    Contact the SSS Help Desk at 800-344-8328 or sss@solutionsbysss.com
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