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Students Host Midterm Election Panel Discussion

Ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections, Friends Seminary organized a nonpartisan educational panel, which featured thought leaders from across the political landscape. The assembly was geared toward addressing student inquiries and explored a variety of issues from gerrymandering, immigration, regulation, technology and healthcare. Guest panelists included Dr. Norma Thompson, Bradley Tusk, Jamal Brown, Josh Isay and Raj Goyle.

The event was hosted by the Center for Peace, Justice and Equity in conjunction with History teacher Stefan Stawnychy and his students. Seniors Walter, Daniel and Karina served as the moderators. Students questioned the panel on the lack of transparency around campaign finance and funding, voter ID laws and suppression tactics and the role of technology in the electoral process.

Panelists stressed the importance of registering and voting, noting that our local offices have the most impact on our everyday day lives and all elections have real consequences. They informed students that electing honorable, good people to office is one of the most important things we can do, and understanding our state senators and assemblymen is crucial.

The School would like to thank our guest panelists, student moderators, and the faculty and staff members who helped coordinate this insightful panel discussion, and we encourage everyone over the age of 18 to vote on Tuesday, November 6!

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