"We prepare students to engage in the world that is and to help bring about a world that ought to be."
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Endowment keeps Friends Seminary financially strong.
A robust endowment, well-invested, is the key financial foundation for any school and is our greatest resource for safeguarding the School’s mission through fluctuating economic conditions.  It will enable the School to compensate its teachers, attract a diverse student body, to invest in new technologies and pursue curricular enhancements.

Investing in Friends Seminary’s endowment demonstrates a commitment to ensuring the future of our school and is an opportunity for donors to create a lasting legacy.  Those who contribute to Friends Seminary’s endowment can take great satisfaction in knowing that their gifts are benefiting the school now and in the future and will allow us to maintain our commitment to help prepare “our students for the world that is and help them bring about a world that ought to be”. 

Why do we need endowment?

ENDOWMENT SUPPORTS PEOPLE – The faculty and students are the direct beneficiaries of a large endowment because endowment income permits the School to increase funds for faculty salaries, faculty professional growth, and student financial aid. Endowment helps to preserve a low student-to-faculty ratio and to maintain economic diversity within the student body.
ENDOWMENT SUPPORTS INNOVATION - By underwriting the development of new courses and by keeping traditional curricula up to date, endowment keeps Friends Seminary creative and on the cutting edge. Who, for example, could have foreseen a few decades ago the key role that costly technology would play in independent school education?
ENDOWMENT SUPPORTS EXCELLENCE – By permitting Friends Seminary to attract and retain the best teachers, endowment supports excellence in education. There is a well documented teacher shortage in the 21st century. Friends Seminary must continue to make a career in teaching a realistic choice for the most promising applicants.
ENDOWMENT SUPPORTS OPPORTUNITIES – During every school year, unexpected educational opportunities emerge. They may be new teaching materials or off-campus experiential endeavors. A larger endowment would give the School flexibility to take advantage of these options even though they are not in the operating budget.
ENDOWMENT SUPPORTS PLANT MAINTENANCE - Just as an individual needs savings, an institution needs endowment. Friends Seminary must maintain its facilities and it must repair and renovate older buildings. Unforeseen plant emergencies occur, from time to time, at every school in every year.
Friends Seminary — the oldest continuously operated, coeducational school in NYC — serves college-bound day students in Kindergarten-Grade 12.

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