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Endowed Funds

The Endowment is an important part of what helps the school to run.
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    Christiana Ley Parker '92 Humanitarian Award

    A non-sectarian fund endowed in loving memory of Christiana by her father and the Christiana Ley Parker Memorial Equestrian Fund in fond recall of 13 years of happiness accompanying Chris' attendance at Friends. This fund provides a monetary award to that person who went his or her own ofttimes lonely way with goodness and grace. "This is my beloved, and this is my friend...Many daughters have done virtuously but thou excellest..."

    The Class of 2010 Fund for 21st Century Classrooms
    To support teachers in learning to use new digital technologies and to explore ways to teach with them, the Class of 2010 Fund for 21st Century Classrooms will include funding for a technology professional development program.

    The Class of 2011 225th Anniversary Multimedia Lab
    This gift includes an endowed fund to provide ongoing resources to update the space with the latest equipment and software each year, as well as funding for professional development to train and help inspire our faculty in the use of the technology.

    The Class of 2015 Fund for the "Greenscaping" of the Peace Terrace
    As Friends embarks on an ambitious and transformational Campus Redevelopment Plan, the School will gain significantly in useable outdoor space. A Peace Terrace, adjacent to the new Upper School Commons, will provide an outdoor gathering space for the upper school students, where, in fine weather, students can congregate, collaborate, relax and eat. This space will help sustain a supportive and nurturing community within the Upper School. The Class of 2015 Fund for Greenscaping will provide funding for the landscaping and furnishing of the Peace Terrace and the endowed fund will ensure continuing resources for the gardens and plantings in Friends Seminary’s outdoor spaces.

    Administrative Fund for Teaching Excellence
    This endowed fund was established in 2006 by the members of Friends Seminary's Administrative Team to support, each year, a faculty member who best exhibits the art of teaching. 

    Ann Sullivan Fund for the Teaching of English Language and Literature
    An endowed fund established in 1999 to celebrate Ann Sullivan's 26 years at Friends. The fund supports faculty, special projects, initiatives and programs proposed by faculty in the English Department.

    Christie Rinehart Basham '49 Fund
    Established with a bequest from Christie Rinehart Basham ’49, made after she attended her 50th Reunion and corresponded with a lower school student. This fund honors Christie’s love of letters by supporting the teaching of written expression in a variety of creative ways.

    Class of 2012 Faculty Grants for Graduate and Quaker Studies Fund 
    This endowed fund was created as a visible and lasting legacy of the Class of 2012 to provide grants to faculty for graduate and Quaker studies. The fund strengthens Friends Seminary’s deep commitment to the Quaker testimonies and helps ensure that innovative, talented teachers have the resources to inspire and motivate students.

    Edes Gilbert '49 Fund 
    Established by Edes Powell Gilbert '49, this fund enables faculty to pursue professional growth opportunities. 

    Endowment for Faculty 
    Established in honor of Friends Seminary’s dedicated teachers, this fund secures faculty salaries. 

    Endowment for Teaching of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 
    This endowed fund supports the teaching of civil rights and civil liberties in courses at Friends. 

    Joe Gosler Faculty Enrichment Fund
    Established upon his retirement after 24 years as Business Manager at Friends, this fund reflects Joe's broad influence in the School community. Ever a compassionate colleague, and intuitive advocate for faculty and staff, Joe leaves as his legacy this fund to support conferences and educational opportunities for teaching.

    John S. Estey ’43 Fund for Teacher Enhancement
    This endowed fund was established in memory of Rowse B. Wilcox, Roland K. Reede, Hermine Ehlers, Harry W. Nordstrom and Beatrice Louise Ecks 1920, honoring former faculty whose extraordinary teachings skills helped fashion a Friends education. This fund is directed towards professional development for teachers, as well as stipends for travel and study, and for refreshment and renewal.

    Michael Rubin Art Department Fund 
    The Michael Rubin Art Fund funds opportunities that inspire the artistic lives of visual and performing arts teachers and thereby teaching. The Fund was established in 1990 by Michael Rubin upon his retirement as Head of the Art Department.

    Philip E. Schwartz Endowment for Teaching of Classics
    This fund, established in 1995 and renamed in 2014 for Philip E. Schwartz upon his retirement, supports the teaching of classical languages at Friends Seminary.

    Richard Eldridge Lifetime Learners Fund 
    This fund was established in honor of Richard Eldridge's 13 years as principal of Friends Seminary. Born of Rich's conviction that everyone who works at Friends is ever a teacher and a learner, this fund supports continuing education opportunities for faculty and staff.

    Sabbatical for Leadership Growth 

    This fund was established to allow a member of the administrative committee to take a sabbatical for up to eight weeks, for purposes of personal rejuvenation and intellectual growth.

    Teaching of Math Fund
    This fund supports the teaching of mathematics with resources to provide materials, faculty salary and support, and program development.

    Tuft Music Fund
    Established by Diane and Thomas Tuft, parents of Jennifer ’97, to endow the teaching of music.

    Abraham and Sarah Bell Scholarship Fund 
    Established by Eleanor and Stanley Hochman, parents of David Hochman '74 and grandparents of Daniel '07 and Joel '09, this endowed fund supports a deserving student at Friends Seminary, in any grade, with an annual grant of financial aid.

    Adrienne Owen Family Endowed Scholarship Fund 
    During her life, Adrienne Owen was passionate about the arts. First as a sculptor, later as an Art Therapist and lastly as a board member and patron to performing arts institutions. In keeping with this spirit, The Adrienne Owen Family Endowed Scholarship Fund will provide financial aid for a Friends Seminary student who is interested in and/or gifted in the performing or visual arts. 

    Anna Green Fund

    This fund was established in memory of Anna Green, Lower School Learning Specialist, to help children who need learning support.

    Avery Arts Endowed Scholarship Fund 
    Established by Milton and Sally Avery, grandparents of Sean Cavanaugh ’87, to provide financial aid for students talented in the arts.

    Ayrev Davis Harshbarger Fund 
    This endowed fund was established in memory of Ayrev Davis Harshbarger '89 to provide tuition aid to a Friends student. 

    The Benny Caiola Memorial Scholarship Fund
    An endowed fund to supplement tuition for the gifted children of families who otherwise could not afford an education at Friends. 

    Benefit Auction Endowment for Financial Aid
    Established in 2017, through the Benefit Auction to provide financial assistance to deserving Friends students. 

    Bertram Gibson III '87 Scholarship Fund 
    The Gibson family established this fund in memory of their son, Bertram, for a student in financial need who aspires to be a writer.

    C.V. Starr Scholarship Fund 
    Established at Friends Seminary in 2007 as a permanent scholarship endowment by The Starr Foundation as a memorial to their founder, the late Cornelius Vander Starr. 

    Cella Irvine '75 Memorial Fund 
    For 47 years, Cella Irvine ’75 was an integral and vital member of the Friends Seminary community as an aluma, parent of two "lifers", and member of the Board of Trustees. Upon Cella's passing in 2016, her family asked for gifts to be directed to Friends. The outpouring of support from her classmates and wider network of family, friends and colleagues established The Cella Irvine ‘75 Memorial Fund which will provide, in perpetuity, financial aid to a young woman of color. The Fund celebrates her legacy both as a champion of women’s leadership and as a dedicated member of the Friends community.

    Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund
    In honor of the Class of 1975 by family members, this fund supports financial aid.

    Class of 1990 Scholarship Fund
    Established by the families of the Class of 1990 to provide financial aid to deserving students.

    Class of 2004 Scholarship Fund
    Established by the families of the Class of 2004 to to help advance Friends Seminary's commitment to serving a diverse student population, one that reflects the  city the school serves, this fund provides financial aid to a qualified student.

    Class of 2013 Endowed Fund for Supplemental Financial Aid
    The Class of 2013 Endowed Fund for Supplemental Financial Aid provides financial support to Friends Seminary students to ensure that all are able to participate in the School's full and rich program. This fund helps students and their families with expenses, such as textbooks, athletic equipment and extracurricular activities, that are not covered by tuition and fall outside the scope of financial aid.

    Class of 2014 Endowed Fund for Financial Aid for the Children of Faculty and Staff
    One of Friends Seminary’s greatest commitments is to its greatest resource—the dedicated teachers and staff. The Class of 2014 Endowed Fund for Financial Aid for the Children of Faculty and Staff strengthens support for faculty and staff by helping to ensure that their children have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary Friends Seminary education.

    Davis Family Scholarship Fund
    This endowed fund, established by JoAnne and Malcolm Davis, parents of Stephanie Davis Hazelkorn '94 and Brian Davis ’97, supports a Friends Seminary student in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need.

    Dolores M. Hoelle Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Established in memory of Dolores M. Hoelle, a neighbor of Friends Seminary, to be used to provide financial aid to a Friends Seminary student. 

    Donald Bender Memorial Fund 
    Established in memory of Donald Bender, beloved member of Friends Seminary's Music Department, to benefit financial aid. 

    Donna Franca Ottolenghi '68 Scholarship Fund 
    This endowed fund was established to honor the memory of Donna, whose passion for learning, and compassion for humanity, will continue to inspire all those whose lives she touched. The fund supports a Friends Seminary student in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need. 

    Earle L. Hunter Scholarship Fund 
    The Earle L. Hunter Scholarship Fund was established in 1972 by the Friends Seminary Alumni Association in honor of Dr. Hunter who retired that year as Head of the Upper School. The income from this fund would provide financial aid to students requiring financial assistance with a preference for children of Friends Seminary alumni. 

    Elaine Wingate Conway '52 Scholarship Fund
    This fund was established by Elaine Wingate Conway ’52 for tuition aid for Kindergarten through Grade 12 students. 

    Endowment for the Education of Quaker Children
    In 2012, the Friends Seminary School Committee established a fund to ensure that children of Quaker families admitted to the School are supported financially so that they may benefit from an education at Friends Seminary. 

    Ernst Scholarship for Students of the Americas 
    Established by Margot and John L. Ernst, parents of Jessica Ernst '00 and grandparents of Jonah Ernest '13 and Odessa Ernst '17, to provide financial aid for a student whose ethnic heritage includes indigenous people from the Americas. 

    Friends Celebrating Families Endowed Fund for Financial Aid 
    Established through the generosity of Friends parents during the 2010 Auction, Friends Celebrating Families provides a corpus of financial aid funds for families in need.

    Gibbs Family Scholarship Fund 
    Established by Janet, Howard, Nancy '78 and Christopher '76 Gibbs, this endowed fund supports financial aid to a deserving Friends Seminary student. 

    Gilmore Fund for Quakers 
    This fund provides financial aid for Quaker students. 

    Gordon A. Rich '75 Scholarship Fund 
    Established in Gordon's memory by his family, friends, teachers and colleagues, this fund provides financial aid for a student of color enrolled at Friends Seminary in Grades 7-12.

    Healey Endowed Financial Aid Fund 
    Established in 2009 by Joseph P. Healey, this fund provides financial resources to students who would not otherwise be able to benefit from the outstanding education at Friends Seminary.

    Helena Rubenstein Endowed Scholarship Fund
    This endowed fund provides financial assistance for female students of color.

    Helene L. and Mark N. Kaplan Endowed Scholarship Fund 
    Established by their daughters, Marjorie Kaplan '72 and Sue Kaplan '74 to honor and recognize the influence and legacy of their parents, Helene L. and Mark N. Kaplan, for their lifelong commitment to education and to service. 

    Henry Lee '43 Memorial Scholarship Fund 
    Established by friends and family of Henry Lee '43 in his memory, this fund provides aid for Asian-American students.  

    The Integrity, Peace and Community Financial Aid Endowed Fund
    The Integrity, Peace and Community Financial Aid Endowed Fund has been established by a Friends Seminary Quaker family to honor Pamela Wood (el-Okdah), upon her retirement after 30 years of service to the School, not only for her vision and wisdom as Middle School Head but also as a prominent member of the Morningside Meeting who taught and lived Quaker values at Friends. 

    The Integrity, Peace and Community Financial Aid Endowed Fund provides a financial aid award to a student at Friends Seminary who is a Middle or Upper School student for whom the Principal deems there is a financial need and one who demonstrates the Quaker values of Peace, Integrity and Community through his/her studies, activities and general conduct.

    Irina Hon '13 Memorial Financial Aid Fund 
    The Irina Hon ’13 Memorial Financial Aid Fund was established by the students of the Class of 2013 and their families to honor the memory of their classmate Irina Hon (1995-2010), who wished to be remembered for her smile and laughter. A financial aid award will be made annually to an immigrant or first generation student with demonstrated financial need.

    Jane Suntken Scholarship Fund 
    Established in recognition of Jane's 29 years of outstanding teaching and devotion to students in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 1, as well as her many years of work in Admissions, this fund provides financial aid for qualified Lower School students. 

    Jeanne McAlister Griffiths ’75 Endowed Fund for Financial Aid 
    The Jeanne McAlister Griffiths ’75 Endowed Fund for Financial Aid was established by Irma Hilton, Deborah McAlister Jones ’78 and Elizabeth Hilton Segel ’88 to honor the memory of their daughter and sister Jeanne McAlister Griffiths ’75 (1963- 2013), who brought light and life to her classmates, family and friends. A financial aid award will be made annually to a student with demonstrated financial need. 

    John "Pablo" Jakobson '81 Memorial Scholarship Fund 
    Established by his father, other members of his family, and friends to honor and memorialize his short life, this fund provides financial assistance to a student with demonstrated need who has interest and talent in music or the performing arts. 

    Jonathan L. Cohen Goldman Sachs Gives Endowment for Financial Aid
    Established by Nathalie and Pablo Salame to honor Jonathan Cohen who served as a trustee of Friends Seminary, this fund provides financial aid for a qualified student.

    Joyce G. McCray Fund
    This endowed fund was created to honor Joyce G. McCray, who served as Friends Seminary Principal between 1977-1989. The income from this fund is used for financial aid. 

    Light the Future - Endowment for Financial Aid
    This fund provides tuition aid to deserving students.

    Lower Eastside E.E. Ford Scholarship Fund

    Marga and Samuel P. Hirst Scholarship Fund 
    Established in honor of Marga and Samuel Hirst, parents of David ’75 and Michael ’76, this fund provides tuition assistance for a qualified student demonstrating financial need. 

    Morris and Alma Schapiro Endowed Scholarship Fund 
    This endowed scholarship provides financial aid for an Upper School student with interest and talent in the arts. 

    Opening Way Fund 
    This endowed fund provides a financial aid for a student of color who otherwise would not be able to afford a Friends Seminary education. The goal is to provide the fullest possible experience for a student, hoping someone entering in kindergarten will re main through Grade 12 and enjoy this unique experience as a "lifer." 

    The Paluszek Family Scholarship
    Established in 2015 by Stephen Paluszek and Violeta DelaCruz-Paluszek, this endowment provides financial aid funds to qualified students who would otherwise not be able to attend Friends Seminary.

    Reader's Digest Scholarship Fund
    This endowment provides partial scholarships to academically qualified students.

    Richard Wong Family Education Fund
    This endowed fund was established in 2005 by Richard and Mae Wong, parents of Boji Wong ’92 and Richard T. Wong ’98 to attract a greater number of students of Chinese ancestry to the School, which will provide outstanding educational experiences, access to enriching opportunities and a foundation to achieve lifelong success. The fund was later renamed the Richard Wong Family Education Fund in honor of their father who dedicated his life to advancing the lives and rights of Chinese Americans and recognized the power and importance of education.

    Salame Family Goldman Sachs Gives Endowment for Financial Aid

    This fund was established by Nathalie and Pablo Salame to provide financial aid for a qualified student who would enrich the Friends community.

    Sandra Jelin Plouffe '93 Memorial Fund for Financial Aid
    This fund was established in 2019 in memory of Friends alumna and parent Sandra Jelin Plouffe '93 by her family and friends. This fund will provide financial aid to students with a preference for recipients who join the School in Grade 7 and who come to Friends Seminary through a program such as Prep for Prep that identifies promising students who would benefit from an independent school.

    Sheri Powers '79 Scholarship Fund for African-American Students of Promise 
    This endowed fund was established by Sheri Powers ’79 to recognize and support African American students of promise. 

    Sidney D. Weisner Scholarship Fund
    Established by his family, this fund supports an Upper School student who seems likely to make a contribution to the community.

    William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Fund

    This fund provides tuition assistance to students of color in Grades K-6 from the Lower East Side in search of excellence and intellectual pursuit.

    Booth Ferris Library Fund
    This fund contributes to the resources in the Library.

    Class of 2007 Fund for Innovative Library Experiences

    This fund was established by the families of the graduating class as an endowed fund to support programming in the Library for Middle and Upper School students.

    Elizabeth Claster '79 Fund
    This fund, established by the Claster family in memory of Elizabeth, provides flowers, children’s books and programs for the library. 

    Jerome Evans Holocaust Memorial Fund
    Established by Ina R. Evans in memory of her husband, Jerome, and his long involvement with Holocaust education, this fund is used by the library to purchase materials and to present programs dealing with the Holocaust.

    Magowan Family Fund for Archives
    Established in 2015 by Nina and Mark Magowan, parents of Ian '15, this fund provides support for the Archives of Friends Seminary. 

    Martha Michelson '71 Endowed Book Fund

    Established by Gertrude and Horace Michelson in memory of their daughter, Martha, this fund purchases materials for the Friends Seminary Library.

    Friend of FRIENDS Endowment Challenge
    Established anonymously by an alumnus and family, to acknowledge and ensure the School’s continued tenets of integrity, innovation, peace, responsibility and excellence. This special fund was established as an Annual Fund challenge grant to encourage Frie nds Seminary alumni to engage in the life of the School through their participation in the Annual Fund.

    Unrestricted Endowment
    Unrestricted endowment allows Friends the flexibility to use income to support areas of greatest importance.

    Auction 2011 Curricular Fund for Innovation
    The generosity of the Friends community during Auction 2011: For the Benefit of Friends provided the initial resources for this endowed fund which supports curricular innovation at the School.

    Class of 1987 Speaker Series Fund
    This endowed fund was established by family members of the Class of 1987 to pay for guest speakers.

    Class of 1988 Extracurricular Activities Fund

    Established by senior parents in honor of their children, this fund supports student initiatives.

    Class of 1997 Art Fund
    In honor of the graduation of their children, parents of the Class of 1997 established this fund for the performing arts.

    Class of 2003 Fund for Student Initiatives
    Established by the parents of the graduating Class of 2003 to support student-driven initiatives that address issues affecting the entire Friends community.

    Class of 2009 Fund for a Greener School
    Established by the families of the graduating Class of 2009 as a partially restricted fund and a partially endowed fund, the fund will allow the School to advance an ongoing culture of sustainability. 

    The Deborah Baltzly Aliber ’48 Endowment
    Established by the family of Deborah Baltzly Aliber ’48 in her memory, this fund supports the study of the history and culture of the Middle East.

    Endowed Fund for Curricular Innovation
    This fund was established to explore new approaches to and ideas for enhancing the School’s curriculum and programs. 

    Fund for Scientific Innovation
    Established by Martha Ehrenfeld ’83 and Emily Ehrenfeld ’85 in honor of their teachers at Friends, namely science faculty Arthur Moore, Harold Perry, Ron Salyk and Fran Wald, this endowed fund provides resources for innovation and experimentation in the sciences and is meant to encourage students’ discovery of the scientific world. Supporting Friends’ commitment to scientific exploration, this Fund can be applied many ways and is inspired by the belief that students learn by “doing” science.

    The Karen L. Bradley Fund for Excellence
    Established in memory of Karen Bradley, Parent of Ellen '98 and Joanna '03, by her husband, this endowment provides funds to be used at the discretion of the Principal for curricular innovation and special initiatives, including stipends and support for faculty development.

    Marge Gonzalez Fund for the Teaching of Foreign Languages
    Established at the time of her retirement in 2003, this fund honors Marge's 34 years at Friends wherein she instilled, in generations of students, a love of foreign languages. The fund supports the teaching of foreign languages - used for materials, faculty salary and support, and program development.

    Marjorie Brown Fund
    Established in memory of Marjorie Brown, Lower School drama teacher, to sponsor an annual Lower School Assembly. 

    Principal’s Discretionary Endowment Fund for Curriculum Development
    This endowment will provide funds to allow department heads to develop curriculum.

    Tisch Family Fund for the Performing Arts
    This endowed fund was established in 2011 to expand the Performing Arts curriculum and offer additional performance opportunities.


For more information about the Endowment, please contact Rebecca Holmes, Director of Planned Giving.
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