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Alumni Events, for the time being, have gone virtual. Please continue to join us for our traditions in their new forms! We encourage alumni to attend these gatherings to network, socialize and take part in service opportunities. If you would like to host or help plan a Friends alumni event, please contact Michael Mudho.


College-aged alumni are invited back annually on the last day of school before Winter Recess to join the senior class for Networking Seminars, a Young Alumni Lunch, a College Alumni Panel and the All-School Holiday Assembly in the Meetinghouse. Please stay tuned to find out how we plan to continue this beloved tradition. Until then you can stay up-to-date on Alumni Events by following the monthly Alumni Update and the Official Alumni Facebook Group!


We look forward to celebrating Reunion years that end with a 2 or 7 during Reunion 2022. More information on how that event will be held is forthcoming. In the meantime, mark your calendars for May 13, 14 and 15, 2022!

Upcoming Events

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  • Trustee & Alumni Council Visiting Day

    Please contact Rebecca Holmes (rholmes@friendsseminary.org) & Michael Mudho (mmudho@friendsseminary.org) with any questions
    US Commons, Classroom 606, Classroom 608
  • We're All Grown Ups Now

    Contact Michael Mudho (mmudho@friendsseminary.org) with any questions
    Great Room
  • Reunion 2024

    Contact Michael Mudho (mmudho@friendsseminary.org) with any questions
    Common Room, Great Room, Meetinghouse, Outercourtyard, classrooms
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  • HOLD: Alumni Council Meeting #3

    Contact Michael Mudho (mmudho@friendsseminary.org) with any questions
    Archive Room
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Friends Seminary actively promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in all its programs and operations, including admissions, financial aid, hiring, and all facets of the educational experience. To form a community which strives to reflect the world’s diversity, we do not discriminate on the basis of race or color, religion, nationality, ethnicity, economic background, physical ability, sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. Friends Seminary is an equal opportunity employer.

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