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Student Spotlight: Elisa '25

Over the next several months, we will highlight some of our talented scholars, artists and athletes who are living the School’s mission.

Language learning exacts a high level of motivation, confidence, patience, and an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Elisa ‘25 demonstrates this skill set with enthusiasm. She grew up speaking Italian, has a working knowledge of Spanish and French, but finds Latin particularly enjoyable and appreciates the challenge it presents. “Knowing different languages is universal and connects me to my peers,” she explains.

Elisa’s superior talent was on display at last year’s New York Classical Club’s Recitation Competition where she won third prize in Latin for her recording of a passage from Cicero. Competing against undergraduate and graduate students who are Classic's majors, it was a tremendous accomplishment and a testament to her advanced level of study. With this, she attended all written translation and recitation competitions. This year she will sit for an  Advanced Level of the National Latin Exam.

Elisa’s high-level skill set isn’t limited to language. Her strong sense of curiosity and talent is also present in her math classes. “Math and Latin both have a puzzle-like component to them. They go hand in hand,” Elisa analyzes. “Navigating through a lack of knowledge in both subjects is gratifying.”

Elisa attended the National MathCON Finals in Chicago where only the nation’s brightest mathletes qualify to compete against one another. “It was a great experience, and I enjoyed challenging myself,” she reflects. She cites Math Teacher Amy Starks as a particularly supportive influence during the competition. “She's a great teacher. The day we had the Math Competition I woke up to supportive emails, and she kept in touch throughout the day.” 

A student at Friends since fifth grade, Elisa is looking forward to her Upper School experience and having more flexibility in her classes—like the possibility of doubling up on Biology and Advanced Chemistry—and the opportunity to explore more of her interests as a Junior and Senior. In the future, she looks forward to sharing her talents in a STEM-related career and continuing her language studies.
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