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Upper School
Course Catalogue

Academic Policy

Program or Schedule Change

The information cited within this course catalogue represents the projected curricular plans for the 2017 - 2018 school year. Changes in staffing may necessitate changes in teacher assignments and, on occasion, course offerings. A specific course may have to be canceled for under-enrollment or closed for over-subscription. In such circumstances, all efforts will be made to provide students with alternative selections which accommodate their interests and skill levels.
Students will have two weeks in which to add or drop a course in their program. To do so they must receive the permission of
the respective teacher’s class, their Advisor, the Chair of the department sponsoring the course, and the Upper School Head.

Course Withdrawal

Withdrawing from a course at any time after the initial “add-drop” period will be noted on a student’s transcript as “WF” (withdraw – failing) or “WP” (withdraw – passing) according to his academic performance to date. 
Seniors should be aware that they will need to report course of study for both first and second semesters on their college applications.  Any course added or dropped after filing an application will need to be communicated in writing to each college.  If a student has already enrolled, the student will have to contact the college before finalizing any changes.

Accelerated Matriculation/Early Graduation Status

On occasion and under certain special circumstances, students may apply for and receive approval to accelerate their course of study in order to graduate before the end of their twelfth grade year. Students working to pursue this option must do so through a formal application process beginning no later than the spring of their sophomore year. Criteria for officially approving such requests consist of the following: an acceptable record of citizenship within the Upper School; a minimum grade point average of at least a “B+” or better; a punctual attendance record; and personal and academic maturity confirmed by the faculty. Students considering such an option should do so with the understanding that approval is predicated on the willingness of the student to use it to advance in a purposeful fashion his or her own academic development beyond Friends Seminary.


Students unable to complete coursework due to compelling reasons and prior to the commencement of the next semester may request that a grade of “Incomplete” be entered on their end-of-semester report. Generally, students will have as a maximum no more than a month to fulfill the expectations in a given course in order to have the “Incomplete” grade replaced by a letter grade. Otherwise, the grade of “Inc.” will be replaced by an “F” grade for transcript notation.
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