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Upper School
Course Catalogue

Special Opportunities

Senior Project 

This opportunity allows a senior to finish course requirements in early May in order to work full-time in an internship or supervised independent project. Examples of past projects include: student teaching, independent art projects, research assistants, political internships and community service.

NYU Coursework

Beginning in the fall of 1993, New York University established an academic relationship with Friends Seminary. Under the terms of this relationship, eleventh and twelfth grade Friends students, recommended by the School and deemed qualified by NYU administrators, may enroll free of charge in summer courses at NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences. Students enrolled in NYU courses will not receive college credit for the course at the conclusion of the class. They will, however, receive a grade from their professor for inclusion in Friends Seminary records.  NYU courses may not be substituted for a required course for graduation. On the other hand, this unique opportunity permits an already rich curriculum to be augmented by the offerings of a great university. It also allows students a chance to pursue coursework not available under the auspices of the Upper School program. Students interested in enrolling in an NYU course should complete an application by visiting the US resource page or by speaking with the Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning. The application deadline is:
Apr. 5 | Summer term courses only

Independent Study

Friends Seminary offers 11th and 12th Grade students an opportunity to participate in creating a course of study in a particular area of interest. This opportunity is offered at the discretion of the department. Students are eligible if they can demonstrate a strong level of interest in the topic to be studied and have successfully completed the courses the department offers in the area they wish to pursue. Interested students must also be in good standing in the Upper School, both academically and behaviorally, and have demonstrated that they can conscientiously meet responsibilities on a sustained basis. Independent Studies earn 1 credit maximum and are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Further information is available in the Office of the Academic Dean and in the Upper School Office. 
Application deadline for the fall is May 15, while that for the spring is November 1.
Friends Seminary actively promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in all its programs and operations, including admissions, financial aid, hiring, and all facets of the educational experience. To form a community which strives to reflect the world’s diversity, we do not discriminate on the basis of race or color, religion, nationality, ethnicity, economic background, physical ability, sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. Friends Seminary is an equal opportunity employer.

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Friends Seminary — the oldest continuously operated, coeducational school in NYC — serves college-bound day students in Kindergarten-Grade 12.