"We prepare students to engage in the world that is and to help bring about a world that ought to be."

Friends Council on Education Statement

Quaker Schools Stand for Peace, Justice, Respect, and Social Action
August 2019
The summer of 2019 has been a difficult one in our nation. From the humanitarian crisis at our southern border to the escalation of xenophobic, racist language from the current administration to the mass shootings on the first weekend in August, we are witnessing an uptick in violence and expressions of hatred and bigotry. 
Quaker education is directly opposed to violence and to the violent expressions of hatred, racism, white supremacy, and xenophobia. Quaker schools are committed to teaching students habits of heart and mind, the foundation of which is a culture of openness and respect for every member of our community regardless of race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, place of national origin, gender identity or gender expression.
Friends schools are filled with educational leaders and individuals who recognize the spirituality and sacredness of every human being. We must use the power of our belief in the inherent value of each human being – the Light within – and the Quaker practice of silent reflection to propel us to action and to stand as witnesses against acts of violence, racism, hatred, intolerance, and xenophobia. We must assert that this dehumanization will not be tolerated in our schools or in our society at large. We must speak up to condemn this violence whether it comes through words or actions. 
Friends Council on Education affirms that Quaker schools stand for equality, integrity, and the rigorous search for truth. We mourn the senseless loss of life, and we call on our schools to renew our collective commitment to actively working for peace and justice. Let us affirm the conviction that all life is sacred and deserving of our deepest respect, and our commitment to creating a society that truly embraces our most cherished ideals. Let us join together as we strive to build peace and humanity in the world, seeking justice and equity for all.
Friends Council on Education
Drew Smith, Executive Director
Deborra Sines Pancoe, Associate Director
Betsy Torg, Director of Development and Communications
April Diop, Office Manager, Tech Coordinator

Liza Ewen, Acting Head of School, Friends School Haverford (PA)
Matthew H. Bradley, Head of School, Friends School Mullica Hill (NJ)
Mike Hanas, FCE Board Member, Head of School, San Francisco Friends School (CA)
Brenda Esch, Head of School, Friends School of Wilmington (NC)
Bryan Garman, Head of School, Sidwell Friends School (DC)
James Clay, FCE Board Member, Former Head of School, School for Friends (MD)
Whitney Thompson, FCE Board Member, Head of School, Tandem Friends School (VA)
Mara Y. Nicastro, Head of School, Friends Meeting School (MD)
Darrell Cotton, Head of School, High Point Friends School (NC)
Rebecca Zug, FCE Board Member, Head of Upper School, Wilmington Friends School (DE)
Donnan Stoicovy, Head of School, State College Friends School (PA)
Tom Gibian, Head of School, Sandy Spring Friends School (MD)
Kim Freedman, Head of School, New Garden Friends School (NC)
Angela DeGraff, Interim Head of School, Princeton Friends School (NJ)
Kathryn Park Cook, Head of School, Frankford Friends School (PA)
Nancy Donnelly, Head of School, United Friends School (PA)
Jenny Rowe, Head of School, Friends School of Portland (ME)
Craig N. Sellers, Head of School, Friends’ Central School (PA)
Daena Berdougo, Head of School, Gwynedd Friends School (PA)
Jill Dougherty, Head of School, Stratford Friends School (PA)
Wilson Felter, FCE Board Member, Director of Middle School, William Penn Charter School (PA)
Robert (Bo) Lauder, Principal/Head of School, Friends Seminary (NY)
Michael Barclay, Head of School, Virginia Beach Friends School (VA)
Kirk Smothers, FCE Board Member, Head of School, Delaware Valley Friends School (PA)
Ed Marshall, Head of School, Greene Street Friends School (PA)
W. Earl Sissell, FCE Board Member, Former Head of School, Media-Providence Friends School (PA)
Dana Weeks, FCE Board Member, Head of School, Germantown Friends School (PA)
Toni Graves Williamson, FCE Board Member, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Friends Select School (PA)
Chris Kimberly, FCE Board Member, Associate Head of School, Moorestown Friends School (NJ)
Julia de la Torre, Head of School, Moorestown Friends School (NJ)
Rich Nourie, Head of School, Abington Friends School (PA)
Michael Gary, Head of School, Friends Select School (PA)
Madeleine Beresford, Friends Neighborhood Nursery School (NJ)
Darryl J. Ford, Head of School, William Penn Charter School (PA)
Tori Jueds, Head of School, Westtown School (PA)
Matt Micciche, FCE Board Member, Head of School, Friends School of Baltimore (MD)
Ken Aldridge, Head of School, Wilmington Friends School (DE)
Matt Glendinning, FCE Board Member, Head of School, Moses Brown School (RI)
Sisi Kamal, FCE Board Member, CFOO, Friends Seminary (NY)
John Baird, FCE Board Member, Former Head of Westtown School, Carolina Friends School
Karen Carney, Head of School, Chicago Friends School (IL)
Dana H. Harrison, Head of School, Newtown Friends School (PA)
Kath Houlahan, Director, Oak Lane Day Care (PA)
Angela G. Garcia, Head of School, Friends Community School (MD)
Marcie D. Roberts, Head of School, Richmond Friends School (IN)
Shu Shu Costa, FCE Board Member, Director of Admissions, Moorestown Friends School (NJ)
Berna Artis, Head of School, School for Friends (DC) 
Beth Frattali, Head of School, Greenwood Friends School (PA)
J. Samuel Houser, George School (PA)
Pam Chambers, Head of School, Wichita Friends School (KS)
Brenda C. Crawley, Head of School, Plymouth Meeting Friends School (PA)
Waman French, Head of School, The Friends School of Atlanta (GA)
Alex Brosowsky, Head of School, The Quaker School at Horsham (PA)
Nicholas Maldonado, Assistant Clerk, Arthur Morgan School (NC)
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