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Alumni Profile: Lindsay Amer '10

Lindsay Amer '10 is an LGBTQ+ activist and digital creator, a true pioneer in queer and children’s media. They are best known as the creator and host of Queer Kid Stuff, an LGBTQ+ and social justice webseries for kids. Lindsay is a multi-faceted creator who is currently working on a number of writing projects, including two picture books with non-binary protagonists, as well as live performances at museums, schools and libraries across the country. In June 2019 Lindsay gave a TED talk called “Why kids need to learn about gender and sexuality” which has already earned 1.5 million views.
Lindsay cultivated an interest in theater at Friends Seminary, beginning in Middle School and continuing throughout Upper School. They went on to Northwestern to study theater, with a focus on performance for young audiences, and gender studies. During this time, they brought all of their interests together, “which ended up being queer storytelling for children.” Lindsay went on to earn an MA in Theater and Performance from Queen Mary University in London. While studying abroad, feelings of homesickness proved to be a creative catalyst. “I watched a lot of queer YouTubers and found that this was a great platform.” Lindsay had encountered a number of obstacles to bringing queer stories to mainstream theater; YouTube offered a space that Lindsay could define for themself. Soon thereafter, Queer Kid Stuff was launched. 

“When I started Queer Kid Stuff, I saw a gaping hole in children’s media and media in general around queerness. Marriage equality had just passed and we were still just in the throws of figuring out how [queerness] fit into the larger culture.” This popular and groundbreaking web series has served as a resource for people of all ages and helped to define a space that didn’t exist even a few years ago. “The biggest secret is it’s not for kids; it’s for everybody. People use it to tell their grandparents about their gender identity. I feel I have filled that gap to a certain extent in the grassroots space.”

The inclusive spirit which infuses Lindsay’s work was nurtured at Friends Seminary. “Friends was instrumental to me in making me believe that I had a voice...I think Friends was really important in my early years of moving toward becoming an activist.” In the future, Lindsay hopes to bring about a world where conversations around gender identity are more nuanced and normalized. They will continue to work to bring about media that represents a multiplicity of perspectives. “I’m working on moving into television and how to do queer storytelling and media for all ages...I have big, bold dreams.”

To learn more about Lindsay Amer, visit their website at www.lindsayamer.com.
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