"We prepare students to engage in the world that is and to help bring about a world that ought to be."

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Welcome to the Upper School at Friends Seminary. The four years of high school leave an indelible mark, and directly influence how we come to see ourselves in the world. In fact, because these years are so critical to a young person’s emerging sense of self, we work to build strong and disciplined habits of the mind, heart, and body, thus guiding our students as they learn to put their values into action. As teachers we celebrate the passion, curiosity, and idealism intrinsic in these high school years, and seek to nurture the intellectual potential that abounds as students embrace both academic and creative challenges, and respond to the increasing responsibilities associated with becoming independent learners.
The educational programs at Friends reach beyond the classroom walls, promoting a broad liberal arts education in the context of preparing our students “for the world that ought to be.” The curriculum challenges students at the highest levels, pushing them to take intellectual and creative risks, while demanding both a depth of thought and clarity of expression. The visual and performing arts work in tandem with the traditional academic disciplines to achieve these goals. Our commitment to experiential education encourages students to put their learning into action through our wilderness programs, opportunities to study abroad, community service projects, student publications, Day of Concern, as well as programs such as Model UN and Mock Trial – just to name a few. Our highly successful athletic program teaches the value of teamwork and sportsmanship, in addition to traditional hard work, commitment, and perseverance. Perhaps most significantly, we gather twice per week as an Upper School community for Silent Meeting in our historic Quaker Meetinghouse; here students, faculty, and administration share silence and reflections that inform our evolving awareness.
The four years of Upper School at Friends prepare students not only to pursue their college aspirations, it sets them on a course to contribute to the betterment of the global community. Our graduates enter the wider world compassionately independent, intellectually curious, ethically resourceful, and globally aware. As such, not only do our students come to understand and respect the differences among people, they learn the value of our shared humanity, our interconnectedness, and the importance of giving back to our communities.
Will Hopkins,
Academic Dean and Interim Head of Upper School

Upper School Office

Will Hopkins
Academic Dean, Interim Head of Upper School
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Erica Jones
Upper School Dean
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Denman Tuzo
Upper School Assistant
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